Cease Fire, Sevo Systems and Fireboy are Ideal Flood or Spot Protection either in or above equipment and room enclosures:

Room enclosures

  • Data Centers
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Historical Buildings
  • Chemical Storage
  • Record Storage
  • Process Equipment Areas
  • Intellectual Property
  • CNC Equipment
  • Woodworking / Cabinet Makers
  • Wherever water is not desirable

Waterless, No Piping

Flood / Spot Fire Suppression, Electronic-Safe, Perfect for Retrofits / New Construction, Code Compliant

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Fire Suppression Systems

Our products utilize the most widely used Halon Replacements protecting over a million square feet in Chicagoland alone of electrical, telecommunication and countless other areas in which water is not the preferred choice of extinguishments and cost efficiency is desired

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