Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fireman 24/7’s pre-engineered fire suppression systems are self-contained, easily installed fire suppression systems which require little or no piping. The cubic dimension of the area or piece of equipment dictates the predetermined size of the system or systems needed to protect the hazard.

  • Our products can be utilized in small to mid-size rooms for total flood protection, or as spot protection over/in specific pieces of equipment.

  • In general, spaces in which water is code mandated.

  • Yes, but only in areas or rooms where water is not desirable such as electrical, telecommunication, mechanical, hazardous storage, remote areas and any areas which are not code mandated for water or are undesirable because of safety concerns to equipment or people.

  • No, but the electrical, mechanical, telephone rooms and back up generators within those facilities can be effectively protected by our products.

  • Determine the hazard to be protected and then take the length, width and height of the area and then match the dimension with the appropriate sized system.

  • No, Fireman 24/7’s products are the most environmentally safe extinguishments for humans and equipment offering the greenest and safest fire protection products on earth.

  • No and no

  • Yes. Easy installation is part of the overall cost savings of Fireman 24/7’s product line.

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